Roles in co-ops help in the management of the co-op as a whole. There are four types:
- Leader. This is the player who created the co-op and who can change its settings. The leader can invite new members to the co-op, promote and demote them, and restrict them from participating in regattas. The leader can also promote another member to the position of leader (in which case, the previous leader is demoted to co-leader).
- Co-leaders. These are members that help the leader, and they can be appointed by someone of the same rank or higher. While they can do almost everything leaders can, co-leaders aren't allowed to demote or remove the leader or restrict them from participating in regattas.
- Elders. These are members who can invite other players and accept or decline requests to join the co-op. Elders, just like leaders, are in charge of deciding who will be in the co-op and monitoring the chat.
- Members. These are regular players, and they can request or donate products and interact in the chat. Members can be promoted (they just need to get the approval of the leader or co-leaders for that to happen).

If the leader leaves the co-op without promoting a replacement, the position will be assumed by the player:
- with the highest rank in the co-op;
- with the highest town level among the people within that rank;
- who has been a member of the co-op the longest.