Have you ever dreamed of becoming a chef? Don't miss the chance to put your cooking skills to the test in Township!

Luckily, your town's fields and factories produce top-quality products! Use them to treat as many customers as you can to delicious meals.

Every customer's order is displayed next to them. To serve a customer, carefully assemble their exact order from the ingredients laid out before you. Make sure to replenish all the ingredients as they run out. If you notice that a customer is growing impatient and might leave, you can treat them to candy or lollipops to make them stay a bit longer.

Try filling your customers' orders as fast as you can to win more event points and get better rewards as you complete your personal goals.
Once you complete your first personal goal, you unlock the competition where you can play against other players. To score high and win the best prizes in the competition, make sure to serve as many customers as you can while the event is on.

There are currently three types of cooking events that are held, respectively, in a pastry shop, diner, and Italian restaurant. Stay tuned for updates and don't miss your chance to become a star chef!