The Regional Leaderboard only shows the co-ops in the region you've selected. The Global Leaderboard, however, shows the best co-ops worldwide. The co-ops whose season results give them the highest Global Leaderboard positions get special prizes.

In order to get on the leaderboards, your co-op must be in the Golden League. Co-ops remain on leaderboards until the end of the season even if they are demoted to a lower league.

Leaderboards are calculated using the results of the first seasonal regatta. Then, from the second week, the points a co-op earns during its two most successful regattas of the season are used.

Here's how scores are calculated: bonus points for race position and co-op size are added to the co-op's average score, while penalty points are deducted for dumped tasks.
- The average score is the total co-op score for the previous seasonal regatta divided by the number of members who participated in it.
- The bonus for co-op size is based on the maximum number of regatta participants in your co-op. The more members there are, the bigger the bonus is.
- The bonus for race position means that the higher your position in the regatta, the more points you get.
- The penalty for dumped tasks is based on the number of tasks dumped from the common task board in the previous seasonal regatta divided by the number of co-op participants in that race.

If members get kicked out of their co-op during a race, the points they earned still count toward the co-op's total score.

Leaderboards are reset at the beginning of each new season.