Long press makes performing certain in-game activities easier. The same is true about force touch on iOS devices (only supported by iPhone 6s and later models). To activate this feature, tap and hold the screen for a few moments.

You can tap and hold the following:
* products in the helicopter orders window, at temporary factories during events, on the zoo order board, and in the co-op chat window—to instantly get to the fields and facilities where you can produce corresponding goods (including factories for factory goods, farms for farm goods, fields for crops, mine for clay and ore, foundry for ingots, and port for island goods);
* islands—to send a ship off to the island;
* task icons in the regatta window—to instantly get to the location where you can complete the task;
* fields, buildings, or decorations—to access Edit Mode.

Don't forget to use this feature to make your game more enjoyable!