Drop by the market to meet a generous dealer called Rajah — he'll show you around the narrow streets and help you find the best deals!

The City Market unlocks at Level 13 and costs 1700 coins. It takes 18 hours to build.

The City Market is where you can buy the goods, materials, and tools you need. The goods on sale at the market are refreshed every 6 hours, but you can pay Township Cash to refresh at any time. You can also activate the Vibrant Market lab booster to speed up the refresh time twice. The lab booster is active for 3 days.

You can ask the dealer to find you any product currently available at your level. Hiring the dealer will cost you 12 Township Cash if you hire him for 1 day, 50 Township Cash if you hire him for 5 days, and 90 Township Cash if you hire him for 10 days. The price might be lower while a special offer is on.

Don't miss out on great deals!