The Bubble Gum Festival is here! Hurry up to take part and get unique prizes!

To play the mini-game you will need lives. Lives refill by themselves over time. You can also get them from event rewards and balloons.

Rotate the platforms around the cylinder by manually changing the direction between right or left to get your gumball down to the next platform.

Collect points by passing more and more platforms! You score 3 points for each platform your gumball passes. Each subsequent platform that your gumball passes without touching it will earn you 2 more points than the previous one. The more platforms the gumball passes without touching, the more points you get.

Try to avoid red sections on the platforms: if the gumball hits one, the game will end, and you'll lose your bonus points. If you want to continue playing and keep earning points, you can use T-cash.

Occasionally you might get the Invincibility bonus that lets the gumball fall safely past 5 platforms.

Good Luck!