We put a lot of effort into ensuring that the game is fair and fun for everyone!

That's why anyone violating the principles of fair play as stated in our safe and fair play policy will either have their account blocked or have their progress completely or partially reset.

Player accounts are blocked completely when they:
- Use third-party software that affects processes in the game.
- Install the Township app from unofficial sources.
- Purchase in-game resources and Township Cash from sources other than the in-game store.

Your game progress may be completely or partially reset if you:
- Exploit in-game bugs to progress faster and circumvent game rules.
- Use your account for commercial purposes (for advertising, spamming, selling in-game currency or resources, etc.), including for providing false personal information.
- Disclose your password or any other data that grants access to your account to third parties for the sake of profit.

ATTENTION! If you believe that your account has been blocked or that your progress has been reset in error, please contact our Customer Support service. We will restore your game progress if that turns out to have been the case.