Recently, we updated the regatta. Here's what has changed with the event:


  • There are now 12 tasks in the regatta: 6 match-3 tasks and 6 city tasks.

  • We increased the number of match-3 tasks that count only upon successful completion of level from 4 to 6.

  • Mysterious, Combo, and Hot tasks are no longer available.

  • Seasonal tasks are now combined with city tasks. Relay tasks have been removed.

  • Task reservation is no longer possible.


  • Now co-op members can join the regatta at any time.

  • Restricting players from the regatta is no longer possible.


  • Now you can claim a reward from the chest as soon as your team reaches it. However, if you join the regatta after co-op members have already collected some chests, you will not receive rewards for previously collected chests.


  • In the updated regatta, the store offers goods both for playing match-3 and for developing your city.

  • If you buy all offers in the shop, they will become available again after some time for repurchase, but at a double price.

  • Some items are unique and can only be purchased once.


  • The maximum number of tokens you can accumulate has increased to 2000.