Complete tasks to earn points for your co-op.

  • To select and complete a task, click on the pier or regatta button. In the opened event window, you will see a list of tasks to choose from. There will be a total of 12 tasks in the list: 6 match-3 tasks and 6 city tasks.

Overtake opponents and monitor the co-op's progress in the regatta.

  • To overtake opponents and enter the top three co-ops, earn regatta points by completing tasks.

  • Track the co-op's progress and the current regatta standings in the Race tab.

  • When you earn a certain number of points, you can also receive a chest with rewards. If you join the regatta after the co-op has already collected some chests, you won't receive rewards for previously collected chests.

Buy useful items at the Store.

  • In the store, you'll find items for match-3 games and goods for your city. You can purchase them with tokens, which you receive for completing tasks, just like points. The Shop tab is available only for players who are part of a co-op.

  • If you buy all the offers in the store, after some time they will become available for purchase again, but the price will double.

  • Some items are unique, and you can only buy them once.

View the co-op's season statistics in the Rankings.

  • In the Rankings tab, co-op statistics for the season are collected and divided into 3 rankings: My Co-op, Global Top, and Regional Ranking, which is based leaders country.