We made this article for parents of kids under 16 who play Playrix games with the express authorization of their parents or guardians, as per our T&Cs. Here, we talk about how to keep your child safe while gaming.

Checking team chats

All our games include a chat feature. This allows members of a team or co-op to communicate with each other. Even though we have filters for banned words, we don’t actively monitor team chats.

We recommend that you regularly check the activity to ensure your child’s safety. If anyone makes your child feel uncomfortable or if anything feels wrong, encourage them to talk to you, or they can submit an anonymous report from the settings in the app. Screenshots of the messages will prove useful if they can provide them. We will take care of the situation.

This also includes cases in which your child might have said something inappropriate themselves. Reach out to us, and we can delete the messages.

How to turn off in-app purchases

Our games are free to play, so if you would like to turn off or limit in-app purchases, please read the following article

Why sharing personal information isn't safe

Sharing personal information in the team chats can be dangerous. Even small snippets shared over time can help build an identifiable picture. Make sure your child knows not to ever share any personal or identifiable information, such as:

  • Their full name.
  • The number of any of their IDs or official identifiers.
  • Phone number (even for messenger apps).
  • Social media contacts.
  • Addresses or where they live.
  • Email address.
  • Name of their school or information about their extracurricular activities.

📌 None of this information is required for them to play or to be part of a team or co-op, so nobody can ask them to provide it as a condition for being part of a team.

❗️It’s also worth checking that none of this information is included in their username.

If you find that your child has shared sensitive information, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can remove it.

Unfortunately, in these cases, we can’t know if the information has been saved by a third party, but we will remove it from the game. Make sure to include the words “sensitive information” somewhere in your request; it will let us know that they need to be removed as soon as possible.

If you notice anything suspicious or concerning, our Support Team is here to help.

To submit a report, please follow these instructions

What happens when we receive a report?

Our team investigates the situation, for which we might ask you for more information. If we detect cases of misconduct, we will take steps to protect our players. We delete any inappropriate messages that you report.

The offending player is penalized. This can range from restricting their participation in teams to a full ban on their account. We might not be able to share the outcome for privacy reasons, but we always take these reports seriously and take action.

We don’t disclose the details of these reports to third persons/parties. The offending player won’t know who reported them, so don’t be afraid to speak up.