Join the Dance Party: Disco Fever in Township! 🕺

The event is active for a full day, giving you plenty of time to join in. So, even if you can only make it an hour before the event ends, you can still jump in since the competition itself lasts for one hour. But here's the deal – you can only play this event once a day.

At the start of the event, players are given unlimited lives for an hour. That means you can keep playing without worrying about running out of chances.

Here's how to win: you need to use the Rainbow Ball booster during your match-3 games to collect musical notes. Each time you use the Rainbow Ball, you get one note for each item it hits. When the event's hour is up, the player with the most musical notes wins 🎵

There's just one prize in this event, for the player who comes in first place. So, give it your best shot and aim for the top! 🏆