Lil Stan is cleaning up! 👦

Help him clear the clutter and earn brilliant prizes along the way!🌟

Pass levels to get energy ⚡️ which you'll need to generate items 🛄 Merge the same items to create new ones 🌂 and complete tasks to earn special event currency!

You can exchange it for valuable prizes and memorable photos of the wild and whacky happenings around your town! 😍

🗑️ How ​​to free up space on the field (how to delete an item)?
Click on the item you'd like to delete, then click on the “Bin” icon in the window on the right. You can delete items one at a time.

📦How ​​to create items?
On the field, there are special items (generators) marked with a lightning bolt that contain items. To create new items, just click on the generator.

🎖️How to complete goals?
A quest will appear on the left of the screen, continue merging items until you have everything it’s asking for!

⏲️ How often do items appear?
Each item has varying chances of being generated: some appear almost every click, while others might take a bit longer. Don't worry - they'll appear in the end!

💭 What to do with the items in the bubble?
You might come across duplicates while completing goals. You're in luck! You can buy the duplicate before it disappears!

💨 Where did the generator go?
Generators only contain a certain amount of items and disappear when they run out. However, there is an infinite generator: the Old Wardrobe. You'll earn it as a quest reward and find it under the tasks next to the exit button.

🔋 When will the generator charge?
Once crafted, generators take varying amounts of time to recharge, but you can always speed up the “charge” for a small cost.

⚡️ How ​​to get energy?
One unit of energy is restored automatically every 3 minutes. Energy can also be obtained by passing levels, or earned as prizes during the event.

⚡️ How ​​is energy spent?
Energy is only spent while using generators. One tap on the generator = one unit of energy used, so don't worry - other actions don't require energy.

📦 What are containers?
Containers are special items that create new items by being charged with other items. You can view the list of ingredients in the panel on the right - simply move the indicated ingredients into the container.

🏆 What can I get for completing quests?
For completing quests, you can earn event currency (cameras), items, and even generators!