Time to get matching!

Earn rewards and stars with the Matchy Patch mini-game, and collect tiles with matching pieces of fruit in the bar below to pass through levels.

Make sure the bar doesn’t fill up with tiles you couldn’t match, if it does, you will not pass the level.

Aim for the stars and shoot up the leaderboard by collecting more stars than other players competing against you.

These boosters will help you clear the levels in record time:

Clean the Bar:
Get rid of those troublesome tiles built up in the bar and save them for later. Activating this booster clears your bar and places three tiles to the side of the screen to be used in any order for later matches.
The reshuffle booster changes the order of all of the tiles on the screen, including those saved by the Clean the Bar Booster. This will open up a whole world of possibilities for new matches to clear the entire level.
Undo Previous Move:
Made a mistake? Use this booster to undo it! The tile from your last move will be put back to its original position on the board. Play with confidence when you have this booster in store, your mistakes can be undone in seconds.

Boosters can be bought for different amounts of T-Cash for when a level is proving a touch too difficult:
Clean the Bar: 10 T-Cash
Reshuffle: 2 T-Cash
Undo Previous Move: 4 T-Cash

NOTE: when you buy a booster, it applies immediately, which means that you can’t accumulate them.