Cheating is bypassing game rules or mechanics in order to receive an unfair or unearned advantage. Players are also considered to be cheating when they use any third-party software to access, run, alter, or modify the game or game progress.

To protect our players and ensure that everyone plays fairly, we investigate rule-breaking and cheating activities and take action against the accounts of those who play unfairly. Measures can include blocking accounts.

The following is considered a violation of fair play rules:

  • Exploiting in-game bugs (in order to speed up or alter game progress);
  • Disclosing account passwords to third parties for the sake of profit;
  • Installing Farmscapes from sources other than the official application stores;
  • Using third-party software to manipulate game progress;
  • Manipulating the lives counter;
  • Purchasing in-game currency or items from sources other than the in-game store.

Bear in mind that there is no official or approved external software, whether free or paid for, that alters gameplay in Farmscapes. We also do not employ the services of third parties to sell in-game currency or items. Keep your account safe!