To remove pieces from the field, tap/click on groups of pieces of the same color:

  • Tap/click on a group of 5 or more pieces of the same color, and they will turn into boosters. Click on the booster to activate it.
  • The Rainbow Ball and Bomb + Rocket boosters are available to players at those levels, but the Double Planes booster is not available.
  • Colored pieces can be destroyed individually or in bulk, thereby accelerating the achievement of the main goal.

Bonuses (rocket, bomb) help to destroy pieces faster. You can select the bonus you need before the start of the level. It will appear on the board in a random place, allowing you to progress faster towards the level goal. Bonuses can also be earned by completing a level by clearing a certain number of pieces per turn.

🔸 Rocket 🚀 - clears all pieces vertically or horizontally depending on where it is directed. To get a Rocket, you need to make a combination of 5-6 pieces.
🔸 Bomb 💣 - destroys pieces in a 3x3 square around the pieces with a bonus. To get the Bomb, you need to make a combination of 7-8 pieces.
🔸 Boosters are special elements that allow you to carry out targeted highly effective moves and win at difficult levels. They become available as you progress through the levels. Boosters can only be activated during the level. If you do not have boosters, you can buy them for coins when passing a level.

❗ The more moves you manage to save on a level, the bigger the reward!