The Golden Ticket 🎟️ is a special offer that gives those that buy it access to great bonuses during the Seasonal events. Here's what it gets you:
🔹 Access to exclusive rewards and special items and sometimes even a new pet 😺
🔹 The maximum number of lives is increased from five to eight during the Season.
🔹 A golden profile picture frame and a golden name.
🔹 A notification about your purchase of the Golden Ticket in your team chat and a bonus for each teammate 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

🔹 The Golden Ticket only valid for one Season.
🔹 You don't get the rewards all at once, you still need to open event stages to get them 🎁
🔹 Once the Season ends, the bonuses will no longer be available. But you do get to keep your new pet.