Your game progress is saved automatically if your device is connected to the internet. It won't be lost even if you reinstall the game 🔄

In case you lose access to your device, it's important to take note of your Player ID or team name and its tag (for example, HTW3TM). Our Support Team can use this information to restore your cozy mansion 🏡

You can also save your progress by connecting the game to your Facebook account.

🔹 If you play on an iOS device, you can save your game progress through iCloud or your Apple ID (the latter option is only available on devices with iOS 13.0 or higher).

To save your progress using iCloud, you first need to sign into that service:
1. Go to Settings ➡️ iCloud.
2. Type in your Apple ID and your password.

If your device runs on iOS 13.0 or higher, you can connect the game to your Apple ID through the in-game Settings menu. Here's how:
1. Tap "Save progress" in Settings and choose the option of signing in with Apple ID.
2. Enter your Apple ID password to connect to your account. Your progress will be saved automatically.

🔹 If the game is connected to your Google account, and you'd like to transfer your game progress to another Android device, here's what you need to do:
1. Download the game from the store on your new device.
2. Connect the newly installed game to the same Google account used on your other device.
3. Tap "Select" in the pop-up window under the "On server" option.
4. Type in CONFIRM to finish.

📝 After doing a factory reset, you can only restore your progress without the help of Player Support if your game is connected to your Facebook/ Google account, or to your iCloud/Apple ID account (for iOS devices only). Also, you can only transfer your progress from one device to another if your game is connected to one of the accounts mentioned above.
📝 Access to Facebook programs and services can be restricted in certain countries or regions. In such cases, we comply with local laws and regulations.