Are you facing a problem in the game? Check a list below, we may already know about the problem and are doing our best to solve it 👩‍💻

The Team Tournament rewards were not added 🎁
Take a screenshot of the ratings 📸 and contact our support team 💬

There is no light in my game 🌒
If there is no light in the room or in the entire mansion, contact our support team and share the screenshot of the issue 💬

I don't have Double and Triple Win offers 🎯
Double and Triple Win offers are temporarily disabled. Now beating hard levels triples the event currency while beating super hard levels multiplies it by five.

The Redesigns tab doesn't work 🎨
The Redesigns tab has been updated ✨

  • If you have fully completed the event, you will have the opportunity to open and view the final photos 📸
  • If you have reached the save point, the event will be saved in the tab, but you will not be able to open it.
  • If you have not reached the save point, the event will not be displayed in the tab 🙂

❗ The list of known issues is regularly updated, and if you didn’t find an answer to your question in this article, you can always contact our support team 💚