Combining power-ups helps you clear more tiles and produce bigger explosions. Here are the combinations that are currently in the game:

🔸 Bomb+Bomb doubles the radius of the bomb effect 💥
🔸 Bomb+Rocket removes three rows and columns of pieces 🧨
🔸 Rocket+Rocket removes one row and one column of tiles regardless of which way the Rockets are pointed.
🔸 Bomb or Rocket + Paper Plane makes the Paper Plane take the Bomb or Rocket along with it to a random tile.
🔸 Plane+Plane produces three Paper Planes that target different tiles 🎯
🔸 Rainbow Ball + Rocket/Bomb/Plane makes the Rainbow Ball turn all the pieces of one type (the one currently the most common on the field) into respective power-ups.
🔸 Rainbow Ball+Rainbow Ball removes all pieces from the field, clearing one obstacle layer in the process ✨