Team Tournament 🛡️ is a time-limited team competition that takes place on a regular basis in the game.

The objective is for your team to place in the top five. To do that, you need to earn crowns 👑 by beating levels. Each win gets you one crown. The crowns earned by members of a team are added together.

The top five teams' rewards 🥇 can be seen in the main event window. If your team places in the top five, each team member will get 1/30th of the reward, regardless of amount of players in a team 🎁

There are no special levels in the event—just keep playing from where you are in the main chain of levels 🏡

🔸 To participate, you need to be on a team of at least five people.
🔸 If you leave or change your team during the event, you will not get a reward.
🔸 You need an internet connection to see the leaderboard.