Flint's Adventures 🦜 is a time-limited event open to players starting from Level 31.

To participate, you just need to beat one level. Captain Flint will fly to a jar containing powerful bonuses 🎁 that he'll bring to you at the start of the following level. Keep beating levels on your first try, so Flint flies to bigger and bigger jars to bring you more and more bonuses. If you lose a life, Flint goes back to the previous jar with fewer bonuses.

This event occurs regularly in the game 📅 Your progress from previous Flint's Adventures events doesn't get saved.

❗At the start of the event, Flint the Parrot is sitting on the windowsill. When Flint moves on to a new jar, the previous jar becomes empty and gets marked with a checkmark (see screenshot) ⬇️ Flint can always be found on the second jar from the left.

🔹 Bonuses are awarded only for beating levels in the main chain of levels or levels in the Tournament of Champions. Levels in the Furry Tale event don't count toward bonuses.
🔹 Once you reach the biggest jar, you keep that bonus until you lose a level or until the event finishes.
🔹 If a level starts with a tutorial, the bonuses are awarded after the tutorial is over.
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