Leagues are only for competitive events and offer you the chance to win more prizes. However, the prizes 🎁 you get depend on your current league as well as your position on the leaderboard.

Currently, there are six leagues:
🔸 The lowest is the Guest League, which is the starting point for everyone after they beat the first competition stage. After that, you can climb higher with each new competition.
🔸 The highest is the Pro League, and it gives everyone in it the best competition rewards 🤩

Score high in competitions to progress through the leagues 💪

❗Movement through leagues happens both ways. You can be demoted to the next lower league if you score poorly in a competition.

Keep an eye on the arrows on the leaderboard:
🔸 A green arrow means you're moving up a league.
🔸 A red arrow means you're going down a league.