In this event, you need to beat levels on your first try to help Austin fly a kite 🪁, and the higher, the better! As a reward, you get bonuses 🎁 at the start of each following level. Reaching more distant clouds with the kite means getting more bonuses at the start of the following levels. If you lose a level, you'll have to launch the kite all over again.

This event occurs regularly in the game and is time limited. Your progress from previous attempts in the event doesn't get saved 😉

🔹 All players who've reached Level 31 can participate.
🔹 Bonuses are awarded for beating the main chain of levels or levels from the Tournament of Champions. The chain of levels in Furry Tale doesn't count toward the bonuses.
🔹 Once you reach the farthest cloud, you stay at that level until you lose a level or until the event finishes.
🔹 If a level starts with a tutorial, the bonuses get awarded after the tutorial is over.
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