In this event, you need to beat levels on your first try to help Austin fly a kite, and the higher, the better.

🪁You receive a first mini-bonus at the start of the event.
🪁 As a reward, you get bonuses at the start of each following level. Reaching more distant clouds with the kite means getting more bonuses at the start of the following levels.
🪁 If you lose a level, you'll have to launch the kite all over again.

Please note:

  1. The event is held regularly in the game. Progress from the previous event launch is not saved.

  2. The event is available to players who have reached level 31.

  3. Event bonuses are awarded only for beating levels in the main chain of levels or levels in the Tournament of Champions. Levels in the Furry Tale event don't count toward bonuses.

  4. When you reach the last cloud, you will stay on it until the end of the event or until you lose a level.

  5. If a level starts with a tutorial, bonuses will be set immediately after its display.

  6. Make sure your internet connection is stable. Otherwise, the event may not start or may not work correctly.

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